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Agenda for Geneva Conference, July 11-13, 2013


Towards a Better Global Economy July 2013 Conference Summary

Thursday, July 11         

20:00 – 21:00 pm Keynote Speech:  Professor James Fishkin, Director of Center for Deliberative Democracy, Stanford University

Prof. James Fishkin Keynote Speech

Friday, July 12         

8:15 – 8:35 am Keynote Speech:  Mr. Hans Timmer: Long-term Outlook for the World Economy and its Implications for Developing Countries’ Citizens (20 min)

Mr. Hans Timmer Persentation

Session 1 (Plenary): The Past, Present and Future of Economic Growth

8:40 – 10:10 am        Presentation by Professor Dani Rodrik (Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton)

Prof. Rodrik Paper
Prof. Rodrik Presentation

Moderator (&Peer reviewer): Dr. Kemal Dervis (Brookings),

Dr. Kemal Dervis comments

Roundtable discussion: Peer reviewer: Professor Chang-Tai Hsieh (Univ. of Chicago);

Prof. Chang-Tai Hsieh comments

Commentators: Dr. Branko Milanovic (World Bank), Dr. Zia Qureshi (World Bank)

Dr. Branko Milanovic comments
Dr. Zia Qureshi comments

Q&A  from floor and roundtable discussion

Sessions 2 and 3 (Con-current): Human Development – International Trade and Technology

10:20-11:35 am

Session 2. Population Quality, Quantity, and Mobility:Presentation by Professor Jere Behrman (Univ. of Pennsylvania) & Professor Hans-Peter Kohler (Univ. of Pennsylvania)Chair/Moderator: Dr. Santiago Levy (InterAmerican Development Bank)

PeerReviewer: Professor Ron Lee (UC, Berkeley);

Commentators: Professor Wolfgang Lutz (Vienna Institute of Demography), Dr. Homi Kharas (Brookings)

Roundtable discussion, Q&A from floor

Prof. Behrman Paper
Prof. Behrman Presentation

Prof. Lee Presentation
Prof. Lee comments

Prof. Lutz comments

Session 3. Hyper-globalization of Trade and Its Future:Presentation by Dr. Arvind Subramanian (Peterson Institute)Chair/Moderator: Ms Arancha Gonzalez-Laya (World Trade Organization)

Peer reviewer: Professor Bernard Hoekman (University Institute Florence)

Commentators:  Dr. Uri Dadush (Carnegie), Professor Alan Winters (University of Sussex)

Roundtable discussion, Q&A  from floor

Dr. Subramanian Paper
Dr. Subramanian Presentation

Prof. Hoekman comments


Sessions 4 and 5 (Con-current): Finance and Crisis – Earth Resources and Climate Change  

11:40-12:55 pm

Session 4. Does Finance Accelerate or Retard Economic Growth?Presentation by Professor Franklin Allen (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)Chair/Moderator: Dr Ignazio Visco (Bank of Italy)

Peer Reviewer: Dr. Stijn Claessens (IMF);

Commentators: Professor Thorsten Beck (Tiburg University), Mr. Torsten Temp (HSH Nordbank)

Roundtable discussion, Q&A from floor

Prof. Allen Paper
Prof. Allen Presentation

Dr. Visco Paper

Dr. Stijn Claessens comments

Prof. Beck comments

Session 5. Resource Depletion, Climate Change & Economic GrowthPresentation by Dr. Andrew Steer (World Resources Institute)Chair/Moderator: Dr. Nancy Birdsall (Center for Global Development)

Peer Reviewer:  Mr. Jeremy Oppenheim (McKinsey)

Commentators: Mr. Kevin Watkins (Overseas Development Institute), Professor Sebastian Jean  (CEPII)

Roundtable discussion, Q&A from floor

[Dr. Streer Paper
Dr. Steer Presentation

Mr. Oppenheim comments


Session 6:  Keynote Speaker

13:00 – 14:25 pm         Keynote Speech: Mr. Pascal Lamy (Director General, WTO)

Session 7 (Plenary): Global Markets, Global Citizens, Global Governance in the 21st Century

14:30 – 16:00 pm         Presentation by Dr. Nancy Birdsall (Center for Global Development)

Dr. Birdsall Paper
Dr. Birdsall Presentation

Moderator: Mr. Ed Luce (Financial Times)

Peer reviewer: Dr. Pratap Mehta (Center for Policy Research, Delhi),

Dr. Mehta comments

Roundtable commentators :  Dr. Kemal Dervis (Bookings), Mr. Amar Bhattacharya (G24 Secretariat), Dr. Mustapha Nabli (ex-Bank of Tunisia Governor), Dr. Miranda Xafa (E.F.Consulting), Dr. Wonhyuk Lim (Korean Development Institute), Dr. Celestin Monga (World Bank).  Q&A from floor

Dr. Lim Presentation

Session 8 (Plenary): Roundtable discussion: Managing Globalization and the Role of Global Citizens’ Preferences and Voice in the 21st Century

16:15 – 18:00 pm         Presentations:

  1. Mr. Robert Fishkin (Reframe It Inc) on “Enabling the Global Citizens in the 21st Century;”
  2. Professor Dani Rodrik (Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton) on “Citizens’ Revealed Preferences and Social Welfare Function;”
  3. Professor Karl Aberer (Ecole Polytechnic, Lausanne) on “Information Technology”

Mr. Fishkin Presentation
Prof. Rodrik Paper
Prof. Aberer Presentation

Moderator: Mr. Ed Luce (Financial Times),

Roundtable Discussants: Mr. Sebastien Fanti (Law Office, Sion), Prof. James Fishkin (Stanford University), Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux (Ecole Polytechnic, Dr. Santiago Levy (InterAmerican Development Bank), Dr. Adnan Mazarei (IMF), Dr. Mustapha Nabli (ex-Governor, Bank of Tunisia), Mr. Hans Timmer (World Bank) ;

Q&A from floor.

Saturday, July 13

8:30 – 10:30 am           Deliberative Democracy Workshop (implications of policy options for global citizens in the 21 century) conducted by Professor James Fishkin (Stanford University) and team. The aim of the workshop is to explore possible topics for deliberation by global citizens.

10:30 am                     End of Conference