The Foundation sponsored a Conference in Geneva with the title “Toward a Better Global Economy”

The Conference showcased leading economists’ research on global economic areas, reviewed by esteemed professionals, attended by diverse stakeholders, and resulted in a publication on global economy policy.

The Conference presented the research work of leading economists in the following areas

  • Global economic growth and macroeconomic development (Prof. Dani Rodrik)
  • Global quantity and quality of population and human development (Prof. Jere Behrman)
  • Global and national finance (Prof. Franklin Allen)
  • Global trade and technology (Dr. Arvind Subramanian)
  • Earth resources and climate change (Dr. Andrew Steer)
  • Global economic governance and institution (Dr. Nancy Birdsall)
  • The work was reviewed by Prof. Bernard Hoekman (European University Institute); Prof. Chang-Tai Hsieh (University of Chicago); Dr. Stijn Claessens (IMF); Dr. Kemal Dervis (Brookings Institution); Prof. Ronald Lee (University of California, Berkeley); Dr. Pratap Mehta (Center for Policy Research, Delhi); and Mr. Jeremy Opennheim (McKinsey & Company).

The Conference was attended by a mix of current and former policy members, high level academics, development experts, private sector leaders, journalists and civil society representatives.

The work of the Conference is reflected in the publication “Towards a better global Economy: Policy Implications for Citizens Worldwide in the 21st century