Panagis Vourloumis (April 30, 1937) was President of OTE from 2004 to 2010.

Born in Athens, he is the son of the painter Andreas Vourloumis. He comes from an old family of the city of Patra and he is the grandson of the raisin trader and politician Panagi Vourloumis and sibling of Dr. Christos Koryllou who also was member of the parliament [1] He studied at the London School of Economics and at the World Bank Institute of Development. Between 1966 and 1973 he was head of the South-East Asia division of the IFC and six years later was assigned as Director of the Group of Emporiki Bank, a position he held until 1981. [2] [1] From 1988 to 2000 he worked at Alpha bank as President and CEO of Alpha Finance, of the Alpha  Mutual Funds department,  of the Alpha bank Romania and as Appointed Consultant of Alpha bank. [2] From 2000 to 2004 he was President of Frigoglass and of the Aegean Baltic bank. [2]

In 2004 he was appointed as Chairman and CEO of OTE. [3] On June 24, 2010 was re-elected as President of the BOD of OTE. [4] In June 2010 Mr. Vourloumis, along with former Director of Technical Services OTE Mr. George Ioannides was referred to the Three-Member Felony Appeals Court charged  of infidelity and direct complicity therein concerning overpriced contracts which were signed by the Agency during the period 2003 – 2007 with the companies Intracom , Siemens and ANKO. [5] OTE, at the time, talked about stale category and supported all its members. [6] In the same month was called to testify as witness at the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on the Siemens case. [7]

In September 2011 with the order No 2902/11 of the Council of Appeals of Athens, the appeals of Messrs. Vourloumis and Ioannides were accepted and they were acquitted of the charges, ruling that they did not create any damage to  OTE. [8]

He has been a member of the Board of the Association of Greek Industrialists and the Association for the Protection of Spastic Children. In 2009 participated in the annual meeting of the Bilderberg club. [9] He wrote “The Insurance issue in simple terms” (2005), “Reinventing the Public Sector” (Collective Work, 2007), “The regulators of competition” (Collective Work, 2008) and “John Tsarouhis 1910 – 1989” (Collective work, 2009). [2]

He lives in Kifisia. He is married and a father of three children.